Dental Issues



Today I had a dog named Tiger come in (no she is not an actual tiger, well she is if you touch her mouth hahha, photo above),  Her mum was worried that Tiger would not let her touch her mouth and wanted to know how her teeth were.

It is important to be able to touch around your pets teeth, just the outside, for incase something gets caught (objects can lodge in the mouth) or you need to quickly get something out of your pets mouth that it wasnt suppose to eat. 

Tigers mum wanted me to see her teeth and check them.  Being a Vet Nurse I have alot of experience looking at teeth under Vet supervision and can tell if the gum are inflamed, tartar or infection is present.  I, of course, will always send you see Vet advice if more than just Tartar is present. 

In Tigers case she is just mouth shy and has mild tartar.  She does not let Mum brush them so we need to find another way of removing or minimising the tartar. 

I discovered that Tiger is only on wet or soft food.  I always recommend your pets diet has at least 50% dry food to promote chewing or if you give dental chews or hard dried foods daily.

Please try and slowly get your cat or dog use to you running your finger over the outside of the teeth by lifiting the lips or stretching them to get to the back teeth.  It may take a long time or just a couple of tries.  This means you can check your pets back teeth and canines for the yellow crusty tartar and red gums regulary, and eventually be able to brush their teeth. 

Tiger went home with some advice, and some dried chicken necks to start the ‘cleaning’. 

Cleaning of your pets teeth should be done as often as possible up to once a day.  Brushing may cause bleeding, this can be a sign of gum disease if continues after brushing regulary.

You only need to brush as much as you can get at a time, don’t choke your pet, start at the back pushing the toothbrush under lips to get to the back teeth moving forward foscusing on the canines (largest front teeth) and the front teeth where I often see very old food stuck.

If you would like me to have a quick check of your pets teeth or a quick scale and clean just let me know at your pets drop off time ($15).  Please note if your pets teeth and gums are in need of vet attention or your pet is stressed by the treatment we will not continue.


–Lexie the Groomer


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