My first Blog!- Senior Pets

Hi All!


This is my first post!

Today was a pretty relaxing day with alot of old souls.  I really love the oldies you can understand why they may be a little harder to groom due to arthritis or disease but you try and work with them to make it as comfy as possible. 

Senior Pets—

What I do: I keep the water warm to help the joints.   I use the hydrolic table for the large seniors and a helper for the bath.  I use sensitive skin shampoos. I try not to pull the joints too far and I give them time and not rush them.  Some are hand dried with a human hair dryer and use a happy hoody as some cannot handle the noise of the high velocity drier.

What you can do:  I highly recommend fish oil in the diet of cats and dogs especially aged pets.  Fish oil helps the joints, heart, brain and skin.  One to three human fish oil tablets can be given a day depending on size.  My dogs like them as treats but can be cut open and put on food.  In winter a jumper can help keep joints warm especially those with arms and legs in the jumpers.  A heated pad or bed will help too.  I recommend walking your dog but as their age reduce the amount and pace as it can be a big push on the joints, heart and lungs if they over do it.  Arthritis flares up most in winter.

I hope this advice helps you and your pets or even a friend 🙂


— Lexie the Groomer xxx




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